Offer In Compromise 2013
New Laws Say As Much As 75%

Offers in compromise have garnered more and more interest from taxpayers in recent years.

With over 30 years experience in tax resolution and a specialty in offers in compromise, Equity Search professionals are dedicated to achieving tax debt relief- negotiating settlements with the IRS that can save you thousands of dollars, as well as hours of worry and intimidation.

A "Fresh Start" With Offers In Compromise
In May 2012, the IRS announced that changes would be made to offer in compromise terms,increasing flexibility and eligibility, while quickening the processes involved. The "Fresh Start" initiative was expanded, designed to assist more taxpayers in resolving their debt more efficiently, while taking into consideration present economic conditions and the subsequent struggle of today's taxpayer.

Increased Flexibility, Faster Resolution
In recent years, the IRS has made several similar modifications that are advantageous to those considering offer in compromise as a tax debt solution.
Since 2008, several aspects of the IRS terms of offer in compromise have been modified, and as a result, a greater number of taxpayers have been deemed eligible to benefit from tax negotiations and settlements. Recent changes in policy make more options available to home owners, business owners, and generally target quicker resolution of tax issues.

Why Choose Equity Search Inc?
Don't risk your offer in compromise being denied due to errors in preparation or filing. Equity Search is highly experienced and can maximize the chance of your offer being accepted by the IRS.

A+ BBB Rating and 30+ Years Tax Experience
With experienced tax relief experts on your side, negotiating with the IRS for you, you can ensure that your offer has the best chance of being accepted. Many taxpayers who try to deal with the IRS alone find their offers rejected, regardless of true eligibility, due to trivial mistakes in the filing process. Equity Search can help to make sure that your offer is handled and presented correctly and professionally.

Put The Tax Experts To Work For You
Call Equity Search now for a free, confidential review of your situation by one of our knowledgeable enrolled agents or certified public accountants.

Equity Search, founded in 1984 by former IRS Collection Officers, has an extensive understanding of how the IRS collection process works. It is our experience that most individuals or businesses facing tax collection and financial problems do not have the experience to deal with these matters themselves and therefore do not take prompt, effective action to resolve the problem. Because of our years of experience, we can quickly assess your unique situation ad help take action to forever resolve your tax problem.

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